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Twitter is worth just a third of Musk’s $44 billion investment: Fidelity

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It appears that Elon Musk was not kidding when he acknowledged that he overpaid for social media platform Twitter. Musk acquired Twitter last year at $54.20 per share, a deal that amounted to $44 billion. 

As per Fidelity, one of Twitter’s investors, the social media platform is now worth just about one-third of what Elon Musk paid last year. Fidelity did not provide details about how it arrived at its estimate or if it received non-public disclosures from Twitter. The firm, however, marked down the value of its equity stake in the social media platform. 

This was not the first time that Fidelity reduced the value of its Twitter stake. Back in November, the firm reduced the value of its stake to 44% of the purchase price. Further markdowns in December and February were also implemented, as noted in a Bloomberg News report.

Twitter has seen its own fair share of challenges since Elon Musk completed his acquisition of the company. Musk started his turbulent leadership of Twitter by terminating a large portion of the company’s staff, a move that caught the ire of many. The CEO then implemented a rapid release of features that were intended to make the platform more attractive to users, and perhaps even encourage people to sign up for Twitter Blue, a paid service. 

So far, Musk’s efforts to promote Twitter Blue seem to only have a marginal effect, as less than 1% of the platform’s users are estimated to have opted in to the service. Musk’s behavior on the platform, as well as his emerging political stance, have also proven to be polarizing, even to his longtime supporters. 

That being said, Musk has maintained that Twitter is on the right track, at least financially. As per Musk’s comments from April, Twitter has already reached a point where it is roughly breakeven. And if things go well, Musk estimated that Twitter could actually be cash-flow positive less than a year since he acquired the company. The upcoming takeover of advertising veteran Linda Yaccarino as Twitter’s new CEO has also been welcomed by organizations such as GroupM, a premier media agency. 

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Twitter is worth just a third of Musk’s $44 billion investment: Fidelity
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