UK fuel crisis is encouraging car buyers to make the EV switch

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The UK’s fuel crisis is encouraging car owners to make the switch from fossil fuel cars to electric vehicles. Even though UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson says the fuel shortage is starting to ease, the interest in EVs has already seeped into the minds of drivers. 

Car dealers have been seeing interest in EVs soar as the UK fuel crisis continues. Auto Trader Group Plc told Bloomberg that it received direct inquiries for electric cars every 1.8 minutes over the weekend, about twice the average compared to August. EV interest increased 36% last week already, before the weekend.

Martin Miller, who owns a car dealership in Guildford, Surrey, recently saw a similar spike in EV interest. Miller noted that his company’s EV experts experienced their busiest day ever last Friday, and the interest in electric vehicles doesn’t seem to be dying down. Many people have scheduled test drives in an electric vehicle in the coming week, creating somewhat of a good dilemma for Miller’s company since it is low on stock.

“People buy electric cars for environmental reasons, for cost-saving reasons, and because the technology’s great,” Miller told The Guardian. “But Friday was one of those moments where people said, ‘Do you know what, this is a sign that we need to go electric.’ I’ve now got trade-in cars with no petrol to move them.”

UK Fuel Crisis Background

British officials stated that the ports and refineries have plenty of fuel. It’s the gas stations that don’t have enough to service drivers. There is a lack of truck drivers to deliver fuel to stations, causing the UK fuel crisis. Prime Minister Johnson already put British army troops “on standby” to work as truck drivers to haul the fuel to gas stations. 

However, the fuel shortage in the UK may have already shown drivers that the need to transition to electric vehicles is now. Besides the current fuel crisis, a few low emission zones have started popping up in the UK. Councils across Briton have restricted certain vehicles or charged specific cars entering low emission zones. There are low emission zones in London, Glasgow, Bath, and Birmingham, with more cities planning to add similar areas in the future. 

The fuel crisis and designated low emission zones are encouraging Britons to start transitioning to electric vehicles

The Tesla Advantage

While the UK fuel crisis is nothing to celebrate, Tesla is in an excellent position to benefit from the soaring interest in EVs. The Tesla Model 3 became the most popular all-electric vehicle in the UK in June 2021. The Tesla Model Y just started selling in Europe and has proven popular in other EU countries. 

Then there is the Tesla Semi. Tesla has not provided any updates about its Class-8 heavy-duty truck as of late. However, the Tesla Semi may help solve the UK’s truck driver shortage when released into the market. The Tesla Semi has a unique feature called Convoy Mode that allows one driver to control a fleet of trucks, which could effectively increase the load a single driver can transport. 

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UK fuel crisis is encouraging car buyers to make the EV switch
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