Elon Musk shares bold take on Biden gov’t: “Not the friendliest administration”

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During his recent appearance at the 2021 Code Conference, Tesla CEO Elon Musk shared some of his thoughts about the Biden administration. Musk was quite bold, stating that Biden “maybe a little biased” and that his administration is “not the friendliest administration.” The Tesla CEO went even further, noting that the Biden government “seems to be controlled by unions.” 

Musk’s comments came as a response to esteemed tech journalist and podcast host Kara Swisher’s reference to his recent posts about the president on Twitter. The Tesla CEO recently poked fun at the president after Biden completely ignored the Inspiration4 mission, a breakthrough spaceflight trip with the first-ever all-civilian crew that raised over $200 million for St . Jude Children’s Research Hospital. When asked about the president’s silence, Musk joked that “He’s still sleeping.”

That being said, Musk’s tweets on Biden did not just come from the Inspiration4 snub. A couple of months ago, the Biden administration also snubbed Tesla from a White House EV event that was promoted as a landmark meeting which signifies America’s commitment to sustainable transportation. Ford, GM, and Stellantis were widely praised in the event, and so was the United Auto Workers union. Musk confirmed on Twitter that Tesla did not even receive an invitation. 

The Biden administration’s bias for union companies was highlighted recently when a proposal from the Democrats in the US House suggested that EVs made in a union factory should have an additional $4,500 tax incentive. This meant that electric cars produced by Tesla, Toyota, Honda, and other manufacturers which do not employ a union would be penalized simply because of its workers. “This is written by Ford/UAW lobbyists, as they make their electric car in Mexico. Not obvious how this serves American taxpayers,” Musk wrote. 

Musk’s disillusionment with the Biden administration seems to be a long time coming. Back in February, Musk revealed that he had spoken to the Biden administration about a carbon tax, an initiative that imposes a fee for carbon emissions. Musk is a big proponent for a carbon tax, and he was quite optimistic about it considering the Biden administration’s focus on the adoption of sustainable solutions. However, the Tesla CEO stated that the US President and his team found the solution “too politically difficult.” 

Overall, it is unfortunate to see Elon Musk seemingly lose his faith in the current administration, especially since in January, Musk told Fortune in a lengthy phone call that he was delighted about Biden’s presidential win. “I’m super fired up that the new administration is focused on climate. I think this is great. I feel very optimistic about the future of sustainable energy with the new administration. Not that we should get complacent or anything, but the wind is at our back for solving the climate crisis with the new administration,” Musk said. 

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Elon Musk shares bold take on Biden gov’t: “Not the friendliest administration”
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