Tesla Model X tips and tricks used by Tesla Service Centers

Tesla’s Model X is an engineering marvel and likely the only vehicle we’ll ever see of its kind in the near future. There’s been countless videos showing the sophisticated Falcon Wing doors in action, but a new video from the Like Tesla YouTube channel reveals unseen tips and tricks used by Tesla service center technicians that Model X owners may adopt themselves.

1. Tesla charging adapter door storage

Molded into the rear of  driver’s door is a space that can be used to secure a Tesla charging adapter so that it doesn’t rattle around while driving. Insert the adapter vertically and push it all the way to the rear to snap it into place.

2. Key Fob “Dead Zone”

If you need to leave your key fob in the vehicle without worrying about the car being unlocked and possibly stolen, place it on the floor of the cargo area next to the left rear wheel well. That is a “dead zone” where the signal from the key fob can not be detected by the car’s computer. You or anyone you give permission to can unlock the car and retrieve the fob using Tesla’s smart phone app.

This is a trick often used by Tesla service center personnel. They can leave cars when they are done servicing them with the key fob inside. That let’s owners pickup their cars whenever it is convenient by using their phone app, even if the service center is closed.

3. Unlock Tesla with Dead Battery Key Fob

If the battery in your key fob is dead and your car is locked, and you don’t have access to Tesla’s mobile app, place the key fob into the slot on the bottom right corner of the front windshield. The car will “read” the fob and allow you to open the doors. Once inside, place the key fob in the passenger side front cup holder to start the car.

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4. Autopilot Detects Humans

Not so much a tip, but nonetheless worth highlighting is a tidbit that was uncovered on Tesla’s newest version 8.0 of Autopilot. When a Tesla-owning YouTuber decided to test the automatic emergency braking capabilities of the car by putting a human directly in the path of a moving Model S, he discovered that Autopilot will show a human icon highlighted in bright red to alert the driver of the danger that lies ahead.

5. Engage Autopilot on Hill Hold

Autopilot can be engaged while the car is in the Hill Hold mode. Press hard on the brake pedal until the Hill Hold indicator appears on the instrument panel. When you release the pedal, indicators for Autopilot appear and can be activated while the vehicle is completely stopped. The minimum speed in Autopilot mode is 18 miles per hour and the highest is 88 miles per hour — a tip of the hat to the movie Back To The Future. Tesla loaner cars are often restricted to a top speed of 80 mph whether or not Autopilot is engaged.

There are several other tidbits mentioned in the video we didn’t highlight, but all in all, the Like Tesla Model X video is worth a watch, and it’s become a YouTube channel that we’ve really come to like.

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