Volkswagen’s Scout to build $40K electric SUV in South Carolina

(Credit: Volkswagen)

The EV division of Volkswagen’s Scout Motors brand officially announced that its first electric vehicle would be a $40,000 SUV. The all-electric Scout SUV will be built in a new $2 billion factory in South Carolina. 

Volkswagen did not elaborate more on its upcoming $40k electric SUV under the Scout name. However, in a recent press release about its new factory in South Carolina, VW noted that all Scout trucks and SUVs would be built with “a newly designed all-electric platform.”

In October 2022, Jeff Bade spent time with the Scout Motors team. During his visit, Scout revealed their plans to revive the brand, including details about its electric vehicle lineup. Bade came out of the experience emphasizing that Scout’s pickup truck would undoubtedly be American.

“This is an AMERICAN truck, and while they can and will share technology, knowledge, and suppliers with their VAG brothers and sisters, this is not a rebranded or variation of anything in the VAG line. Rumors of this being based on the VW skateboard platform are not true,” said Bade.

Volkswagen’s electric vehicles, specifically in the ID.Family lineup are usually equipped with its MEB platform. Scout’s vehicles will not use the MEB platform; instead, it is designing a new platform specifically for off-road driving. 

Scout plans to build trucks and rugged SUVs in its South Carolina factory. In July 2022, Volkswagen released a video of the Scout team studying the Scout II, hinting that the brand’s EV pickup might pay homage to the vehicle released between the 70s-80s.

With Scout, VW plans to break into the pickup truck and SUV market in the United States. It aims to take at least 10% market share in the U.S. with the Scout brand.

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Volkswagen’s Scout to build $40K electric SUV in South Carolina
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