Volkswagen’s Scout EV truck will not use its MEB platform: ‘This is an AMERICAN truck’

(Credit: Volkswagen)

Volkswagen seems determined to make its Scout EV pickup truck as American as ever. A Scout enthusiast recently met up with the Scout Motors team and shared a few interesting tidbits about the upcoming all-electric pickup truck.

Jeff Bade—the Director of Information Technology at Budde Marketing Systems, Inc. in Illinois—recently spent an afternoon with the Scout Motors team. He described the Scout Motors team as a special group with the passion, dedication, and pride to bring back the beloved brand. 

Scout showed Bade a video summarizing their plans for the brand and its future vehicle lineup. The Scout enthusiast described the video as similar to watching the best Super Bowl ad, except even better. He emphasized that Scout Motors will focus on the brand’s community and history while developing a new, fresh vehicle that resonates with car lovers today. 

VW Tech in Scout EVs

Bade also highlighted that Volkswagen’s Scout brand will be American. He noted that the Scout EV would not use Volkswagen’s Modular electric drive matrix skateboard platform. 

“This is an AMERICAN truck, and while they can and will share technology, knowledge, and suppliers with their VAG brothers and sisters, this is not a rebranded or variation of anything in the VAG line. Rumors of this being based on the VW skateboard platform are not true,” said Bade.

Volkswagen’s decision not to use its MEB platform for a Scout EV is interesting. VW designed the platform for fully electric vehicles. It hoped to help automakers build their portfolio of electric cars in a cost-effective and swift manner with the MEB platform.

However, Scout seems adamant about designing its own electric platform capable of working with an off-road EV. The platform must be affordable and relatively easy to produce to reach Volkswagen’s goal for Scout.

VW’s Plans for Scout

Volkswagen aims to launch a full electric Scout pickup truck for the U.S. market by 2026. The European automaker hopes to gain a 10% market share in the United States by covering the pickup and robust SUV segments. The Scout brand’s primary purpose is to help VW break into the U.S. pickup truck and SUV market.

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Volkswagen’s Scout EV truck will not use its MEB platform: ‘This is an AMERICAN truck’
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