Volvo is delaying EX30 budget EV in the U.S. until 2025

Credit: Volvo

Volvo has officially announced plans to delay U.S. delivery of its EX30 budget compact electric vehicle (EV) until 2025, as the company moves production from China to Belgium.

Although Volvo said it was still considering the move to its plant in Ghent, Belgium a few weeks ago, the automaker has now confirmed the news to customers and retailers, as reported by one customer in the Volvo EV Forum last Wednesday. The EX30 budget compact EV was expected to go on sale at around $35,000 and hit the U.S. market this summer, though that is no longer the plan, the company says.

“It was our hope to invite you to configure your new Volvo EX30 at this time,” Volvo wrote in an email to one customer. “However, due to changes in the global automotive landscape, the introduction of the EX30 in the US will be delayed while we ramp up EX30 production at our plant in Ghent, Belgium. We will let you know the exact timing at a later date, but it will most likely be between early and late 2025.”

The production shift comes due to recent U.S. tariff hikes lodged on Chinese imports, along with those from other nations.  The automaker said last year that it expects the EX30 to have a gross profit margin of between 15 and 20 percent.

The Ghent factory is also expected to eventually build its own battery modules at the Ghent factory, and the automaker announced last year that it could eventually build the EX30 in Europe because it was seeing high demand for the compact EV.

“We remain committed to bringing EX30 to the [U.S.] and are working hard to get it into customer hands,” Volvo has also said in a media statement.

Volvo is already delivering the EX30 in Europe, as produced at its production facility in Zhangjiakou, China, with production having begun last fall.

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Volvo is delaying EX30 budget EV in the U.S. until 2025
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