Watch this Self-Driving Tesla Model X cruise through Silicon Valley

Tesla has published a video demonstrating a Model X using the company’s new Self-Driving Capability. To the tune of The Rolling Stones – Paint it Black, we watch as an autonomous Model X embarks on a Silicon Valley joy ride all by itself. Tesla indicates in the video that the person seen in the driver’s seat is there only because of legal reasons.

The Model X starts it autonomous journey by first navigating through several tree-lined local streets, stopping on its own at a red light, and then merging onto a busy Interstate 280 in Silicon Valley. This is the first time we’re seeing imagery being captured from the eight onboard cameras that make up Tesla’s new self-driving hardware suite. Rear-side cameras detect vehicles that approach the Model X from its rear blind spots and allow it to safely merge into freeway traffic without human intervention. What’s even more impressive is the vehicle’s ability to exit a fast turning bend off the freeway, come to a stop and drive itself safely through an intersection.

The Model X is then seen returning back to its starting point at Tesla’s Palo Alto headquarters. But the ending to the video is likely what we’ll all come to see one day.

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