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AAA adds monthly battery reports to EV membership coverage to ease ‘range anxiety’

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AAA is adding monthly battery reports to its membership coverage for electric vehicles to help ease concerns regarding “range anxiety.”

AAA said that its AAA Club Alliance (ACA) partnered with Recurrent to provide in-depth and detailed battery reports that will give EV owners a monthly health check on their battery pack.

“With this new partnership between ACA and Recurrent, we can provide AAA members who drive electric vehicles with personalized monthly battery reports as a benefit of Membership,” Colleen St. Leger of ACA said.

In a poll from AAA, the company surveyed consumers to find their main concerns with electric vehicle ownership. While a higher purchase price and lack of EV charging points were the two most-noted concerns initially, with 60 percent of respondents detailing those concerns, range anxiety was second with 58 percent.

Range anxiety has been a common concern of new EV owners for several years. However, electric vehicle ranges have increased as more competitors have entered the market. There are several EVs that will now give you either over or extremely close to 400 miles of range on a full charge. Standard range EVs still pack at least 250 miles of range, but that simply is not enough for some people who plan to use their vehicles for long road trips or do not have access to fast chargers near their homes.

General Motors states that nearly 80 percent of EV drivers do a majority of their charging at home, which is a distinct advantage of EV ownership. After all, how many gas cars have a full tank of gas every single morning?

However, the health of an EV battery pack is also important and can affect both range ratings and charging rates depending on their health status. That’s why AAA is partnering with Recurrent to give a monthly status update regarding EV battery health.

Gas prices in the United States have leveled off over the past few months, but they’re still convincing some consumers to switch to electric cars. Of the 25 percent of respondents in AAA’s poll that said they would be more than likely to buy an EV with their next purchase, 77 percent said a desire to save on fuel costs was one of the main reasons for their interest.

“With higher gas prices this year, we are certainly seeing a lot of interest in electric vehicles,” Bob Kazmierczak, the director of ACA’s Approved Auto Repairs, said. “There are some basic things to consider before deciding whether to purchase an EV, from daily driving habits to charging plan to the cost of ownership. Drivers should also review all tax refund and incentives to make sure their purchase would qualify.”

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AAA adds monthly battery reports to EV membership coverage to ease ‘range anxiety’
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