Tesla is experiencing order rate increases in the U.S. because of soaring gas prices: report

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Tesla is reportedly seeing increased order rates in the United States this week after soaring gas prices have helped some drivers transition to electric vehicles to avoid paying astronomical amounts at the pump.

A new report from Electrek says sources familiar with Tesla’s order rate have seen surges “in several parts of the U.S. this week.” The report also states that Tesla saw the order rate increase by 100 percent this week in portions of the country that have been affected by soaring gas prices.

Gas prices have soared to well over $4 per gallon in most of the country, with some areas seeing prices increase to levels over $5 per gallon. AAA data suggests the average cost of a gallon of gas is currently $4.318, up nearly 60 cents since last week and nearly $1.50 more than prices were a year ago. On MondayAAA‘s average gas price in the United States sat at $4.17.

The increase in gas prices has been fueled by the crisis between Ukraine and Russia. As prices continue to climb with relatively no end in sight, drivers are making a conscious decision to avoid paying high prices to drive gas-powered cars. Instead, consumers are switching to electrified models, which still cost money to charge, but it’s at a fraction of the price of a gas car.

Tesla stands to benefit from the increase in gas prices, although last week CEO Elon Musk recommended an increase in U.S. gas and oil production. “Extraordinary times demand extraordinary measures,” Musk said. An increase in drilling would decrease the dependence for foreign oil, and would likely bring gas prices down for the time being. However, consumers are evidently choosing to switch to EVs.

Elon Musk says ‘extraordinary times’ call for U.S. need to increase oil and gas production

Tesla recently captured the top three spots in January 2022’s electric vehicle registration figures, according to data from Experian and Automotive News. The Model Y, Model 3, and Model S landed on all three podium spots, respectively. the Model Y and Model 3 made up more than 60 percent of total EV registrations in the United States in January.

While the increase in orders is a good thing for Tesla and the transition to electric vehicles, the automaker is already battling an extensively long backlog for vehicle orders. With Tesla’s upcoming Gigafactory Texas expected to begin deliveries after certification of the Austin-made Model Y, the electric automaker will have supplemental assistance to help drivers ditch the gas pump once and for all.

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Tesla is experiencing order rate increases in the U.S. because of soaring gas prices: report
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