Aptera releases teaser images ahead of its interior reveal

Credit: Aptera

Aptera has released teaser images ahead of the reveal of the vehicle’s interior this upcoming week.

Aptera has released teaser images of their interior design (via Facebook and Twitter) ahead of the planned reveal of their complete interior design this upcoming week. The pictures show a surprising amount of the interior of the vehicle, and if final, these photos show that Aptera’s interior is just as strange as the rest of the car.

The pictures posted on Facebook and Twitter show four different people in the driver’s seat of the vehicle, each quite surprised and happy with the car they find themselves in. And while the angle limits how much of the interior is shown, many interior elements are still quite visible.

Taking center stage in the images is the ever-divisive yoke/steering wheel. It is unclear if this is the final and or standard equipment found in the vehicle. The pictures also show two relatively large landscape screens, one in front of the driver and the second in the center between the front two passengers. The last thing that stood out to many of the commenters on the post was the clean “IKEA-like” design of the Aptera. The entire interior was sporting a modern cloth and fabric-focused black, white, gray, and tan color pallet.

However, what Aptera did to achieve the clean interior look was to ditch many of the physical controls and elements you usually interact with. Aptera took this minimalism to quite extreme measures; no interior door handles were seen, nor were sun shades, air conditioning vents, or any electronic or manual controls for seats. The only physical controls immediately visible is the pair of Tesla-esque knobs/buttons on either side of the yoke and the yoke height control lever.

Commenters on the posts were also quick to point out the seating position. The Aptera appears to have a reasonably low seating position with the legs outstretched and the seat generally laying backward.

It will be fascinating to see how the vehicle’s interior looks via a complete view, and I do not doubt that it will contain many oddities maintaining the Aptera strangeness.

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Aptera releases teaser images ahead of its interior reveal
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