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Aptera receives new $21 million grant as it nears production readiness

Credit: Aptera

Aptera has received a new $21 million grant from the California Energy Commission to help it achieve production readiness.

As is the challenge for most EV startups, Aptera has been on a non-stop quest to secure capital to start production of its launch edition vehicle. The company’s co-founder, Chris Anthony, recently went to Switzerland to secure funding for the automaker. Now, Aptera has received money from a grant issued by the State of California.

The grant for $21 million was granted to Aptera to allow the fledgling automaker to achieve production at its California facilities. Furthermore, Aptera states that it will be moving more of its component manufacturing to the State in the coming years following initial production.

Co-CEO Chris Anthony states, “Working with the CEC enables us to produce grid-free, carbon-neutral solar mobility while creating new jobs for all Californians (targeting 10% in underserved communities). Our over-arching goal is to meet the demand for our solar electric vehicles to have real impact on climate change, sharing in CEC’s ultimate mission.”

This is not the only source of funding that Aptera hopes will get it across the finish line. Besides the aforementioned trip to the Swiss Alps, Aptera has launched its “Accelerator” program, the most significant push for public investment since its establishment. It encourages current reservation holders to put up $10,000 (or more) to secure one of the select launch edition vehicles produced in its first manufacturing round.

Besides this tireless financial work, Aptera engineers have also put in the hours behind the scenes. Just last week, Aptera revealed its “Zonal Architecture,” which helps limit the size and complexity of the vehicle’s wiring harness. Prior to that introduction, Aptera revealed its latest generation of the vehicle’s chassis and suspension. But most importantly, Aptera announced earlier this year that it had finally begun production tooling, which will make production possible.

The solar EV startup is not out of the woods yet and will need to continue to push for capital in the coming months. But if this recent grant is any indication of the faith people have in the project, there is no doubt that the company has the hopes of thousands of patient reservation holders behind them.

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Aptera receives new $21 million grant as it nears production readiness
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