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Solar vehicle fans rejoice: Aptera begins solar-cell production

Aptera Solar Panel, Credit: Aptera

Aptera has announced today that it has begun producing solar cells for its upcoming hyper-efficient EV.

A critical part of Aptera’s hyper-efficient vehicle design is the implementation of solar cells that cover the vehicle. Every upward-facing surface, from the roof to the interior dash, is equipped with solar cells, allowing maximum energy to be collected at any given time. And according to a video posted today, Aptera has begun producing solar parts as it hopes to start full vehicle production in the coming year.

Aptera’s youtube channel posted today that the company has begun producing the needed solar components that will be part of their upcoming vehicle.


The video also highlights some of the design goals Aptera set for its solar design. Longevity; capable of 15 years of use, durability; able to withstand impact and the environment, manufacturability; being able to produce the cells in large quantities, and efficiency; maintaining the brand’s dedication to efficient transportation.

With this announcement, they may only be capable of manufacturing roughly ten complete panels daily. Still, they have conquered the most significant design challenge of the vehicle and can move forward into vehicle production (hopefully) before the end of the year.

As the engineers in the video correctly point out, this is a significantly different approach to vehicle-mounted solar than ever before and is on a scale not attempted by legacy manufacturers on any production vehicle. The real test will come not in the lab but on the market when the car is released; will consumers recognize the benefits of vehicle-mounted solar? Only time will tell.

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Solar vehicle fans rejoice: Aptera begins solar-cell production
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