BEV adoption reaches ‘tipping point’ in 31 countries: Bloomberg

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Tesla and other electric vehicle (EV) brands are becoming more popular around the world, and a recent report shows that several countries have surpassed a crucial EV adoption tipping point.

Battery-electric vehicles (BEVs) have surpassed a tipping point of making up 5 percent of overall automotive sales in 31 countries, up from just 19 in 2022, according to data shared by Bloomberg last week. The report looks at 2023 BEV adoption across countries, as well as BEV sales trends from countries that surpassed the 5 percent mark just a few years ago.

Notably, the report points out that some of the BEV markets that have grown most quickly were in Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe, for the first time ever. Countries that surpassed this tipping point a few years earlier are now showing trends of BEV adoption trajectory between 5 and 25 percent, with some seeing this surge in less than four years.

Credit: Bloomberg


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The data runs through the fourth quarter of 2023, and Bloomberg says that the 5 percent milestone is significant because it means BEV adoption is transitioning from an “early-adopter” phase to hooking into a wave of mainstream acceptance. Early barriers, including general consumer ambivalence, lacking infrastructure, and cost, play a major role in this transitional period, and reaching 5 percent indicates that these barriers are flattening.

“Once enough sales occur, you kind of have a virtuous cycle,” said Corey Cantor, an EV analyst at BloombergNEF. “More EVs popping up means more people seeing them as mainstream, automakers more willing to invest in the market, and the charging infrastructure expanding on a good trajectory.”

Norway, Iceland and Denmark led the BEV market share charts in Q4, with Sweden and Finland following behind. While each of these countries reached the 5 percent tipping point several years ago, others like Turkey, Thailand, Estonia and Bulgaria did so at some point last year. By comparison, BEVs surpassed this milestone in the U.S. in 2021, in Canada in 2022, and in China in 2020.

Globally, BEVs were at a 14.5 percent adoption rate in Q4, after surpassing the 5 percent tipping point about halfway through 2021.

Check out Bloomberg’s full list of BEV adoption rates by country below.

Credit: Bloomberg

The U.S. could become one of the first countries to take over three years to go from 5 percent to 25 percent this year, along with South Korea. However, if BEV adoption trends accelerate and follow some of the other countries included in the data, the country could at least reach the milestone by 2026—about five years after it surpassed the 5 percent mark.

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BEV adoption reaches ‘tipping point’ in 31 countries: Bloomberg
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