Here’s One Way Tesla Keyless Driving Can Save the Day

Keyless Driving App

Bjorn Nyland demonstrates how the keyless driving smart phone app works. It allows a friend in Norway to drive Bjorn’s car to the nearest charging location while Bjorn is on vacation in Thailand.

Let’s say you’re on an extended vacation thousands of miles away from your Model S when you realize you need the help of a friend to charge your car.  After all, it’s a frigid -14C and the battery’s state of charge is slowly diminishing by the day.

Bjørn Nyland demonstrates this exact scenario in his latest well choreographed video. Leveraging the Tesla keyless driving feature, he unlocks his Model S while in Thailand, though the car is in Norway, and allows friend Espen Limstrand entry into the vehicle. Espen climbs in and waits for Bjørn to remote start the vehicle by inputting the password via Tesla’s mobile app.

Once the correct password is entered, a message saying Keyless Driving Enabled appears in green at the top of phone screen and a 2 minute countdown is initiated. Espen must touch the brake pedal within two minutes or else keyless driving will be disabled.

Back in Norway, Espen touches the brake pedal and the car turns on. He then drives it to the designated charging location and initiates the charging process. Meanwhile in Thailand, Bjørn can monitor the route taken and the speed Espen is driving to get to the destination.

Keyless driving is not a feature that owners have been known to use frequently, but for occasional use during times when the key is otherwise unavailable, it is a very handy feature to have.

Photo credit: Bjørn Nyland


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