Elon Musk reveals date for Boring Co. Vegas Loop’s first operation

Subsurface Station | Credit: Boring Company

Elon Musk has revealed that The Boring Company’s Vegas Loop is “maybe a month or so” away from operation.

The Vegas Loop is currently undergoing “some finishing touches” that are needed on the stations. The underground tunnel will then be ready to transfer passengers across the Las Vegas Convention Center’s massive campus.

The tunnel will eliminate long and stressful trips that are needed for navigating through the Vegas Strip. It will likely revolutionize the way tourists and residents alike navigate through Las Vegas.

Currently, plans show that Tesla vehicles will be transporting passengers across the LVCC campus in Tesla EVs. However, there are numerous expansion plans. Initially, the tunnel’s growth was planned to stretch from the Fremont Street Experience, down the Strip’s main corridor, to the south, reaching McCarran Airport.

However, on October 13, Teslarati reported that The Boring Company had applied for permission to expand its Vegas Loop by adding more stops and lengthening the tunnel’s footprint underneath the Sin City. With the plans for expansion, Musk could be faced with a dilemma that involves choosing an appropriate vehicle for the Loop.

Elon Musk’s Boring Company applies for massive expansion of Vegas Loop

Nevertheless, there are still some questions about what vehicle will transport passengers in the Boring Co. tunnels.

Tesla and The Boring Company CEO Elon Musk revealed early this morning that the electric car company would develop a “dense” Tesla after replying to a Tweet that showed an all-electric bus that would be used for underground tunnels. However, Musk deleted the Tweet a few minutes after posting it.

Most recent state that Tesla vehicles will be transferring people from location to location in the tunnels. The small, more private cars are likely more desirable for some passengers, especially in the midst of a widespread pandemic that will likely ramp social distancing awareness for several years. The idea of a small, four to six-passenger vehicle is more aligned with pandemic awareness than a large bus or van that could move more people at one time.

For now, it seems the most logical solution has the already-operational Tesla vehicles transport passengers in the Boring Co. tunnel. If Musk sees it fit to revise the plans, it will likely happen down the road after Research and Development on a van or bus is performed.

Elon Musk reveals date for Boring Co. Vegas Loop’s first operation
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