Elon Musk’s Boring Company outlines three types of Substations using Tesla vehicles

Now that The Boring Company has completed the initial construction of its tunnels at the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC), it seems Elon Musk’s side venture is ready to start sharing more of its plans to defeat soul-crushing traffic everywhere. More specifically, three new types of passenger substations were recently revealed on the company’s website that included renderings of Tesla vehicles.

Under the Loop section of The Boring Company’s FAQ page (Loop being the name of the tunnel system), graphic renderings were added alongside three newly revealed station types: Surface stations, subsurface stations, and subsurface open-air stations. Each one looks to be designed to accommodate the varying environments where a tunnel stop would be advantageous without being limited by available development space.

“Unlike a subway, there is no practical upper limit to the number of stations that can be built along the tunnel route because stations can be as small as two parking spaces,” the site explains. Alternatively, as seen in the images, the stations can be sized up to a standard train depot – complete with solar panels and, perhaps, food courts. Ridership capacity will vary based on the number and type of stations being used with high-volume Loops targeting 10,000 passengers per hour.

The Boring Company Loop system is designed to quickly and autonomously transport passengers in Tesla’s all-electric vehicles in a layered tunnel underground. Along with new station types, the recent update on the company’s FAQ page now confirms the models that will be used.

“AEVs [Autonomous Electric Vehicles] are Tesla vehicles (Model S, 3, and X) that operate autonomously within the Loop system,” it says. A 12-passenger all-electric van may also be developed by Tesla to be used in Loop tunnels, as suggested by a Supervisor in San Bernardino County during discussions about an airport-based system in California.

The Boring Company hopes to have the LVCC tunnels in full operation for the 2021 Consumer Electronics Show, assuming the event proceeds in the normal fashion. It will ferry visitors from one end of the event center to the other, although two resorts have already applied to be included as stops in the system. Stations located in Las Vegas’s airport and downtown are additionally proposed expansions for the company.

The first Boring Company tunnel construction in Las Vegas was completed in February this year, the second in May. Workers will now focus their efforts on completing the Loop system’s stations on either end of the tunnels, as well as an underground station in the middle of the system. Once completed, the Las Vegas project will be The Boring Company’s first transport system that’s designed for public use.

Elon Musk’s Boring Company outlines three types of Substations using Tesla vehicles
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