BYD and CATL aim to launch new EV batteries with 6C charge rate

(Credit: BYD)

BYD and CATL (Contemporary Amperex Technology Co Ltd) reportedly aim to launch a new electric vehicle (EV) battery with a 6C charge rate. 

A battery’s C rating measures the current at which it is charged or discharged. Car News China explains that a charge rate informs people how many times a battery can fully charge within an hour. For a 6C charge rate, a battery would theoretically be able to charge six times in an hour. 

According to local Chinese media, CATL and BYD  will debut new batteries in development that can charge 100% in about 10 minutes. 

CATL’s 6C Battery

CATL is one of the world’s leaders in battery technology. The China-based battery supplier launched the Shenxing battery with a 5C charge rate in an EV earlier this year. The Zeekr 001 hit the Chinese car market with CATL’s Shenzing battery, which can allegedly charge from 10% to 80% in 11.5 minutes. Based on the CLTC standard, the Zeekr 001 has a range of 472 km.

CATL will allegedly launch a new Qilin battery in the second half of 2024. The battery uses a nickel-manganese-cobalt chemistry and is expected to have a 6C charge rate. 

BYD’s 6C Battery

BYD will reportedly launch its second-generation Blade Battery around the same time CATL releases its new Qilin battery. 

BYD’s new Blade Battery is expected to deliver more range at even lower costs to the Chinese automaker’s electric vehicles. Battery costs significantly impact an EVs final purchase price, making the new Blade Battery even more interesting. 

Recently, the United States and the European Union have increased tariffs on Chinese EV imports to mitigate their effects on their local electric vehicle market. However, new batteries like CATL’s Qilin battery or BYD’s Blade Battery might negate those tariffs purpose—especially in Europe. 

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BYD and CATL aim to launch new EV batteries with 6C charge rate
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