CATL’s new LFP cell has 620+ miles of range and ultra-fast charging

Credit: CATL

CATL has unveiled a new lithium iron phosphate (LFP) cell that offers 620 miles of range on a single charge and ultra-fast charging that can bring 370 additional miles of traveling in ten minutes, according to internal tests.

This morning, CATL held an event to unveil its Shenxing Plus LFP battery, which was unveiled during the Beijing Auto Show in China.

The company flexed its current technology, the Shenxing battery, which packs 434 miles of range and is currently equipped in four car models across Chinese manufacturers. By the end of the year, 50 additional vehicles in the country will utilize the Shenxing battery.

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However, the Shenxing Plus battery improves on an already solid cell design that is used in a widespread manner across manufacturers in the world’s largest automotive market.

Now, it is working to improve range and emphasize fast charging, as many car owners still see time spent at chargers as a pain point.

“During our initial tests, it only took ten minutes for our Shenxing 4C superfast charging battery to be charged from 20% to 80%,” one of CATL’s engineers said. “Subsequently, we conducted more than ten rounds of retesting, and the results proved this charging speed could indeed be achieved.”

It also uses a plethora of new technology to increase energy density. CATL details this in its press release of the new cell:

“The cathode of Shenxing PLUS is made with a granular gradation technology, which places every nanometer particle in the optimal position to achieve ultra-high compact density. The proprietary 3D honeycomb-shaped material is added to the anode, boosting the energy density while effectively controlling the volume expansion during charge and discharge cycles.”

There have been other batteries that have focused on fast charging, but none that have packed the potential range ratings that CATL has discussed here. Even the industry-leading Lucid Air only packs 520 miles of range. However, this new battery cell could genuinely break boundaries, especially for the Chinese market, which is already overflowing with notable EVs.

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CATL’s new LFP cell has 620+ miles of range and ultra-fast charging
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