Tesla Giga Mexico is a 3-phase project, will produce Cybertruck: Governor

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It appears that Nuevo Leon is steadily finding out what it means to host a project on the scale of a Tesla Gigafactory. As noted by the governor of Nuevo León, Samuel García Sepúlveda, in recent comments, Giga Mexico would be a three-phase project. The facility would also produce several vehicles, including the Tesla Cybertruck. 

Following a meeting with the Economic Development Council of Nuevo León, the Governor highlighted that details of Gigafactory Mexico’s negotiations would be transparent. So far, however, the official also noted that there is no “real scope of each of the works” that have been decided about the facility since Tesla’s plans for Giga Mexico seem to be constantly changing. 

“We are not sure about the scope of each of the works, because every meeting we have with Tesla makes us see that the amount they told us is going to be far below the real amount,” García Sepúlveda said, as noted in a report from Milenio

Details of Gigafactory Mexico are scarce for now, though expectations are high that the facility would be very expansive. When it was announced during Investor Day earlier this year, Tesla revealed that Giga Mexico would be building the company’s next-generation vehicle, which is currently speculated to be an affordable electric car that’s priced around $25,000, as well as a dedicated Robotaxi that’s built around Full Self-Driving. 

García Sepúlveda also mentioned that Giga Mexico would occupy about 800 hectares (about 1,976 acres) and that the initiative would be a three-phase project. He also mentioned that the facility would be producing a variety of vehicles, from Tesla’s upcoming affordable vehicle to the Cybertruck, the steel all-electric pickup truck that’s exclusively produced at Gigafactory Texas today, to the Model Y. The Governor also hinted that the facility would produce batteries. 

“The size of the factory that they told us is going to be double or triple, and that not only will it be (produced) the new Tesla design economic car, but the Cybertruck, probably another production line for the Y and batteries.

“There are three or four factories in one. Each meeting, we have to be changing the size of the treated water plant that García will require, the size of the ramps, accesses and lanes, the connection. And that’s good because, in the end, the incentive is capped, and it is the one they voted for,” the Governor noted. 

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Tesla Giga Mexico is a 3-phase project, will produce Cybertruck: Governor
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