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ChargePoint expands network with acquisition of nearly 10,000 GE chargers

Electric vehicle charger manufacturer and vehicle charging network manager ChargePoint has announced the licensing of 9,800 GE charging stations in a massive expansion of its EV charging network.

As part of the license agreement,ChargePoint adds more than 1,800 commercial and 8,000 residential charging locations to its network. The new stations will retain the GE software for the time being to ensure a seamless transition while also opening up theChargePoint network to existing GE EV charging customers.

Expect to see the new GE stations popping up in theChargePoint app over the coming months as the world’s large EV charging network integrates the new stations into its network. ChargePoint will utilize its proprietary OnRamp technology to onboard the GE stations. OnRamp was developed specifically to add functionality and intelligence to non-ChargePoint charging stations in addition to increasing the visibility of the stations in theChargePoint app. From ChargePoint’s OnRamp site:

ChargePoint is not only the world’s largest EV charging network, but also the most open. Our OnRamp program enables third-party charging station manufacturers to quickly and cost-effectively integrate their charging stations with the ChargePoint network. This extends market reach and increases the value of third-party stations by making them easier for station owners to manage and simpler for EV drivers to find and use. As a result, ChargePoint has more hardware partners than any other charging network.

ChargePoint has years of experience in designing, building, deploying and managing charging stations which makes the addition of the GE stations that much more of a statement as GE has built its business on decades of mastery of electrical engineering and energy products. ChargePoint CEO and President Pasquale Romano noted of the acquisition that,

“We are excited to expand our network with the acquisition of GE’s network and have worked closely with the GE team to ensure a seamless transition for customers and drivers. We are growing globally and are the best equipped to bring former GE customers and drivers into the ChargePoint family.”

Chargepoint has embarked on a massive expansion of its network over the last 12 months with aggressive pushes to expand operations in North America as well as in Europe following a near $100 million investment into the expansion of its European market. The announcement of the ChargePoint Express Plus family of charging products was one of the first and only charging systems that has the potential to compete with the power of Tesla’s Supercharging network.

ChargePoint expands network with acquisition of nearly 10,000 GE chargers
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