Cooling Tesla Model S 3rd Row Passenger Seat

Cooling the Tesla Model S 3rd row passenger seating can be a challenge considering there are no vents back there, but a recent email from Tesla Motors suggests tips on how one can best cool that area.

Tip 1: Precondition your Model S
Use the mobile app to quickly chill the passenger cabin to a comfortable temperature a few minutes before you plan to leave.

Tip 2: Disable Auto Climate Control and Enable Fresh Air Mode
Enable Fresh Air mode when carrying passengers in the rear facing seats. This mode continually moves cool air from the front to the rear of the vehicle. Setting the temperature to low and selecting both dashboard and floor vents will further increase chilled airflow to the second row and rear facing seats without overcooling the first row. Selecting multiple vents also reduces airflow noise. Fan speed can be adjusted to comfort.

Auto climate control maximizes energy efficiency by recirculating a portion of cabin air to manage cabin temperature, but this setting also reduces airflow to the third row seat area in extreme heat.

Recommended settings when carrying rear facing seat passengers:

Tip 3: Apply an Infrared Film to Rear Liftgate Glass
If you frequently carry passengers in your rear facing seats, consider having a high-quality infrared (IR) film such as 3M Crystalline or Solar Gard Ultra Performance installed to the inside surface of your vehicle’s rear liftgate glass to reduce the total solar heat transmitted through the glass. Tesla recommends customers select a product that meets local road use guidelines in their area.

We hope these tips will ensure every electric mile driven is a comfortable and enjoyable one.

Tesla Motors

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