Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S Rear Seat Cup Holders

The sleek and minimalistic design of the Tesla Model S  leaves it void of rear seat cup holders and other amenities that often come as standard items in luxury sedans, until now.

Tesla Motors has recently announced the addition of 2nd row cup holders that are designed to mount flush against the outer forward area within the rear passenger seating section.  The cup holders appear to be strips of leather that slide and retract into a plastic guide rail making it suitable for cups and bottles of various diameters.

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We have not officially tested the product as of yet so it’s hard to say how practical these rear seat cup holders would be in the real world.  We can only imagine that the versatility of the retracting loop makes it possible to secure both large and small drink containers.  Critical to its success will be the ease in which 2nd row passengers can access their beverages while ensuring that vehicle entry and exit will not result in a spilled-drink-catastrophe of epic proportions.  Being that the cup holders do not contain a secure resting base, we question not only the stability of beverages being held, but also the ease in which any potential clean up would take place.  Drips and spills would essentially be absorbed right into the underlying carpet of the car.  No bueno.

The 2nd row cup holder can be had for $150 which includes the cost of installation from Tesla’s Service Center.

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Images Source: Tesla Motors


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