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Cruise robotaxi caught in area of downed power lines, company responds

Credit: John-Phillip Twitter

A pair of Cruise robotaxi vehicles have been caught in an area with downed trees and powerlines during a storm that rattled San Francisco.

General Motors’ Cruise robotaxi service has faced mounting pressure in the Bay Area as its robotaxi vehicles continue to find their way into bad situations. Recently, the City government has called on the company to improve its service as numerous robotaxis have stopped, seemingly for no reason, often in the middle of intersections. Now, a pair of Cruise robotaxis have found their way into more controversy, as they have accidentally traveled into areas blocked off because of downed trees and power lines.

The stuck robotaxis were first spotted by Twitter user John-Phillip, showing the pair of vehicles tangled in caution tape that was placed there to prevent cars from entering.

Now, the company has responded to the situation, stating that they were forced to send crew members to untangle the vehicles, which have now returned to operation.

Outside of local government, Cruise has also attracted the federal government’s attention, specifically the NHTSA. The agency is investigating the business for a series of issues plaguing its autonomous driving system. Still, no details have been revealed on the results of that investigation as of today.

These controversies come at a pivotal point in introducing autonomous taxis within the United States, with many municipalities worried that they may endanger residents or cause issues within traffic, leading to a less safe driving experience for other drivers. Further, a large number of Americans remain unsure about the technology, while others remain unaware that it is currently available.

Despite these challenges, GM seems optimistic about its autonomous driving startup. However, before the business can continue to grow, it is clear that it still has a lot of hurdles to overcome.

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Cruise robotaxi caught in area of downed power lines, company responds
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