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Rivian R1T demonstrates new ‘Unreal Engine’ for video games

Credit: Epic Games

A Rivian R1T has been used to demonstrate one of the most advanced computing engines on the planet, and the video is nearly photorealistic.

Over the past decade, the line between tech and automotive companies has blurred. Automakers are introducing an ever-increasing amount of technology in their vehicles, and EVs have become one of the hottest topics in tech. Now, in one of the most unique collaborations of the year, a Rivian R1T has been used to demonstrate an upcoming video game software engine.

The Rivian R1T was used as part of Epic Games’ demonstration of the upcoming Unreal Engine 5.2, which is set to make video simulations more photorealistic than ever before.

In the example shown by Rivian and Epic Games, the R1T takes to the jungle, and according to the developers of the simulation, everything from the truck’s suspension to its tire deformation has been rendered. On top of this incredible level of detail on the vehicle, the entire environment highlights the strength of the upcoming technology, particularly in the water and mud that the truck drives through.

Along with the video, the companies shared a series of still images that are easily some of the most wallpaper-worthy images of the R1T ever made.

While it will likely be a good amount of time before we see this technology make its way into the vehicles that we drive, there is no doubt that we are closer than ever. Perhaps the best indicator is the vast number of people that now use their Tesla vehicles as giant gaming consoles, which could easily be used to run games using the upcoming Unreal Engine in the coming years.

Outside these video game integrations, automakers are working feverishly to introduce countless other software-based improvements to their vehicles. The most notable is the dramatically improved phone integrations that have become popular over the past five years. Further enhancements include incredible virtualizations created by autonomous driving systems or even dramatically improved music streaming integration.

Hopefully, with this increased focus on software, the user experience of all vehicles can become exponentially better in the coming years, making cars and trucks more fun, engaging, and enjoyable than ever before.

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Rivian R1T demonstrates new ‘Unreal Engine’ for video games
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