Driving-Tests.org, an organization focused on driver education, has launched a $50,000 incentive program for Model 3 owners with children learning to drive.

The program would gift $500 to 100 Model 3 owners to offset driver’s ed costs for students learning in a Tesla Model 3.

“Our younger generation deserves a better, greener future,” says the company’s website. “Driving-Tests.org is doing its part in accelerating the advent of sustainable transport by launching a new program.”

The program was prompted after the website launched a survey in which 158,000 of its site users under the age of 35 said that while they believed Tesla would sell more electric cars than other manufacturers, they weren’t willing to buy one.

“Only 30 percent of (responders) would purchase an electric car over a comparably-priced gasoline-powered vehicle,” the website says.

Driving-Tests.org said on its website that it agrees with Tesla’s mission to build a sustainable future through transportation. The new program is a way to get young drivers behind the wheel of an EV, possibly enticing them to purchase one as they become full-licensed drivers.

“By providing a financial incentive for young drivers to get some behind-the-wheel experience with Tesla vehicles sooner, we’re hoping to introduce them to quality electric vehicles early in their journey to becoming fully licensed drivers,” the website says.

“We hope that this will help them see the advantages of electric vehicles and what great potential (no pun intended) they have. We are excited to be the first private organization to offer such an incentive to Model 3 owners, and we hope other companies will follow.”

While Driving-Test.org’s heart is certainly in the right place, time will tell if similar incentive programs will take root with other driver education companies.

The Model 3 will be officially released on July 28 during an event launch party at Tesla’s Fremont factory. Thirty lucky Tesla drivers will be handed their keys, and CEO Elon Musk will present on Tesla’s vision for a sustainable future.

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Driver’s Ed website launches $50,000 Tesla Model 3 incentive program
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