Electric Vehicle myth busted (again) in recent Tusker data analysis

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Lloyds-owned Tusker recently analyzed data from its over 30,000 electric vehicle (EV) fleet. Tusker busted some EV myths widely spread on social media and sometimes by national newspapers. 

Tusker is a leasing company based in the United Kingdom. It busted two EV myths after analyzing data from its electric vehicle fleet. The first myth Tusker busted was that EVs catch fire more than traditional cars. 

“We had two or three fires because somebody was smoking carelessly in a vehicle. Another one resulted out of the Luton Airport Blaze, one of our vehicles was parked there and that was destroyed as a result of that.

“But this is the normal occurrence of fire than you would expect. Nothing has been caused, at least from our data, as a result of any issue with an electric vehicle,” Tusker’s Managing Director Kit Wilson told Fleet News

According to a Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency study, EVs are 20 times less likely to catch fire than gas or diesel cars. The study supported Tusker’s findings and was supported by data from a US insurer. The Swedish study found that 25 fires occur for every 100,000 EVs sold. That number increased to 1,530 fires for every 100,000 gas and diesel sold. It jumps up even more to 3,475 fires for every hybrid vehicle sold.

The myth of electric vehicles catching fire more than traditional cars was heavily circulated during Tesla’s early days. In 2022, Elon Musk predicted that media outlets would publish fewer articles about EV fires after legacy automakers produce electric vehicles.

“Now that the big automotive advertisers are making EVs, you will see far fewer articles about EVs catching on fire. It is not surprising that internal combustion engine cars have a tendency to combust externally too,” said Musk on Twitter, now X. 

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Electric Vehicle myth busted (again) in recent Tusker data analysis
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