No, Elon Musk did not “launch new attack” GM or President Biden.

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No, Elon Musk did not “launch new attack” on General Motors (GM) or President Biden yesterday, as The Street recently reported. I thought I would clear this up here since it was my own tweet and Elon Musk’s response to my tweet might have somehow gotten misinterpreted.

According to the article, “Tesla’s CEO is resentful and never misses an opportunity to attack Detroit auto giant GM.”

The article also said that Elon Musk doesn’t want to promote the brands of his rivals and that GM is his favorite target. It, in my opinion, painted GM as the victim and Elon Musk as a bully. So I’d like to clear up some things and share what actually happened.

Elon Musk Didn’t “Launch New Attack” On Anyone

Yesterday, I shared a tweet by Sawyer Merrit with my own comment. I tagged both President Biden and Elon Musk. You can see the tweet below. This was and still is my opinion on GM’s decision to invest $1 billion into Mexico for an EV factory instead of investing those funds into American jobs.

As you can see for yourself, Elon Musk did not mention GM or President Biden. He mentioned Tesla and his reference was to Tesla being named the most American-made car by

GM’s Commitment To Mexico

I shared my thoughts about GM’s move to invest $1 billion in Mexico for an EV plant in this article. And there’s more. GM shared a statement on its Mexico media site where the company’s President and CEO, Francisco Garza said (translated by Google into English):

“We are very proud to contribute to the materialization of GM’s Vision of Zero Collisions, Zero Emissions, Zero Congestion, contributing to the manufacture of electric vehicles.”

“We trust that the necessary economic conditions will be met so that eventually the Complex can increase the workforce for one more shift in some operations. We are grateful to the Federal Government and the Government of Coahuila for promoting this investment. This is great news to continue celebrating GM’s more than 85 years in Mexico and show our commitment to the country.”

American Jobs Vs Mexican Jobs

It seems that my theory in the tweet that Elon Musk responded to could be correct. I saw this earlier this morning.:

@WholeMarsBlog shared screenshots of the salaries at the GM plant in Mexico where the new Chevy Blazer EV will be made. The starting pay for Operations is MX$91,950 per year which translates to $4,475.78  per year. There are other salaries with similarly low numbers.

In comparison, GlassDoor shows that technician salaries at GM average out at $63,166 annually. So,  it seems that GM will be saving some serious money by outsourcing some of these jobs to Mexico.

My 2.5¢

Clearly, GM is trying to save money. And GM CEO, Mary Barra,  recently expressed her confidence that GM can beat Tesla. You can draw your own conclusions from these two scenarios.

I do think that using Elon Musk to paint GM as a victim while downplaying its decision to make its Chevy Blazer EV in Mexico instead of the U.S. is really shady. And using my own tweet to do so as well. No, Elon Musk didn’t “launch new attack” on President Biden or GM. No one attacked them.

I just shared my own opinion on the matter and he pointed out which brand was the most American-made car.

No, Elon Musk did not “launch new attack” GM or President Biden.
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