Tesla has a new way to verify shareholders with their Tesla account

Credit: @Sentrymostwantd/Twitter

Tesla has a new way for shareholders to verify their status with their Tesla account. Tesla’s Head of Investor Relations,  Martin Viecha shared on Twitter how shareholders can become verified and set up Investor Relations email notifications.

If you’re a shareholder you can click here to verify your account.

Top 10 Questions Tesla Investors Want To Know From Today’s Earnings Call

If you’re curious and haven’t had the chance to check out the questions that investors plan to ask in today’s call, you’re in luck. We have a round-up of the top 10 questions that Tesla’s investors want to know.

Naturally, many of the questions focus on Tesla’s Full Self-Driving, the 4680 ramp, and an ETA on Master Plan Part 3. Institutional investors also had some good questions such as the demand that Tesla has seen for Optimus, and Tesla Energy-related questions.


Master Plan Part 3

I don’t know the ETA for Master Plan Part 3 but Elon and I did talk about it during my interview with him at the beginning of this month.

“Master Plan Part 3 is about scaling. Like, how do we scale to get to–how do we get to that fully sustainable economy for a sustainable energy economy? And what tonnage do we need of what materials? And what is the best way to get all of those materials and turn them into batteries with the fundamental governor of the rate at which we can transition to sustainability is the rate at which we can grow the output of lithium-ion batteries.”



Tesla has a new way to verify shareholders with their Tesla account
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