Elon Musk presents at the Tesla Launch Event in the UAE (Video)

As we announced on Monday, Elon Musk took to the stage at the Hotel Armani in Dubai to officially launch Tesla Motors in the United Arab Emirates. And now, thanks to YouTuber Walied Albasheer, we have a video of the event.

During the event, Elon talked about the ‘major investment’ Tesla is making into the UAE and surrounding countries as part of Teslas move into the region and followed with the usual salesy details about the brand.

Notable moments include Elon talking up just how fun the cars are to drive noting that the accelerator provides the option for “instant fun available, anytime” and that launching in the Model S is “faster than falling”.

As the brief event wrapped, Elon shifted to the new talking points for the company which include a focus on partnering with utilities on Grid Scale Battery installations like the recently unveiled 20mW / 80mWh installation for Southern California Edison in Mira Loma, CA.

Not only does installing more Powerpacks for customers help drive economies of scale for Tesla battery production, it also represents one of the key product categories for Tesla – Storage – with the other two being Generation and Transport.

Dive into the video below to experience the event and get your daily dose of Elon.

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