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Elon Musk sends stern warning to Tesla short sellers: You’ll be ‘obliterated’

Elon Musk's custom Tesla-branded Nike shoes (Credit: DMCustomSneakers via Instagram)

Elon Musk sent a stern warning to Bill Gates, along with any other Tesla short sellers who continue to hold a position against the company, telling them they will be “obliterated.”

Musk has had a very vocal stance against short sellers for years, even going as far as stating that the technique, which makes money on the downfall of a company, goes against the principles of investing.

Tesla has been a company that has attracted a lot of short interest over the past several years. Bears who believe the company is on the verge of financial ruin have been holding the belief that Tesla is a fraudulent company that has lied on financial spreadsheets for years, only to lose billions of dollars collectively.

Tesla (TSLA) stock listed as May’s most-shorted large-cap stock by Hazeltree

Many short-sellers ultimately abandoned their positions years ago, but many still remain.

Musk believes that this is just the start of further pain for the short-sellers, and as Tesla continues to work to solve autonomy through its Full Self-Driving suite, and as it ramps production of its Optimus humanoid robot, things will get very bad for those who continue to hold a position against the company:

Tesla plans to begin its true last steps toward solving autonomy on August 8, when it will unveil its Robotaxi to the public during a dedicated event. However, people have a reason to be slightly skeptical as Tesla has been known to announce timelines for products, only to fall through and delay them.

With that being said, Tesla is still recognized as one of the leaders in semi-autonomous driving technology, and Autopilot and Full Self-Driving have logged a significant number of miles for its neural network, which helps improve the performance of both suites with every mile driven.

Tesla shares are up over 9 percent today on its strong quarterly delivery figures. The stock is up nearly 30 percent so far in the past month. In the past five years, Tesla stock has shot up over 1,300 percent.

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Elon Musk sends stern warning to Tesla short sellers: You’ll be ‘obliterated’
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