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Tesla’s strong Q2 deliveries prove ‘worst is in the rear view mirror:’ Wedbush

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Tesla reported strong delivery and production numbers for the second quarter of the year this morning.

Wedbush analyst Dan Ives believes it shows the “worst is in the rear view mirror” for Tesla and CEO Elon Musk as “the EV demand story is starting to return to the disruptive tech stalwart ahead of a historical Robotaxi Day on August 8th,” he wrote in a note to investors.

Tesla reported this morning it delivered 443,956 vehicles in the second quarter, composed of 422,405 Model 3 and Model Y and 21,551 “other vehicles,” meaning the Model S, Model X, and Cybertruck.

Tesla reports Q2 delivery and production figures, beating estimates

It also deployed 9.4 GWh of energy storage products for the quarter, more than double its previous record.

From an investor standpoint, Ives believes this is the quarter Tesla needed to dispel any doubt that there might have been, calling it “the appetizer” to Robotaxi Day:

“This good 2Q performance is just the appetizer to the main event in our view, which is RoboTaxi Day on August 8th to unleash the next part of the Tesla autonomous story with all the Street watching”

Tesla has not had what many would consider an easy or smooth sailing year. It has struggled with lower-than-expected delivery figures in terms of its year-over-year growth. In Q1, it admitted it would not be able to keep up with its yearly growth rate as it was “between two major growth waves” as it continues to work toward the release of its next-generation vehicle.

Investors should not be worried, though, because Tesla has “sufficient liquidity to fund its product roadmap, long-term capacity expansion plans, and other expenses.”

Ives is now looking to August 8th for Tesla’s next landmark moment:

“We believe the August 8th Robotaxi Day will be a key historical moment for the Tesla story that we see as a near-term catalyst. Ultimately the key to reaching a $1 trillion+ valuation is the autonomous and FSD vision taking hold for Tesla, which appears to be turning a corner with this latest FSD v12.4 and now China FSD testing underway.”

With the pay package dilemma in the past and Tesla beating expectations, it seems there is more to be bullish about in Q3 than in Q2.

There are many positive things investors can look to in the coming quarters, and as the second half of 2024 has arrived, Tesla bulls should look for the August 8th Robotaxi unveiling as their next true catalyst. Ives believes it is the first of many in the coming six months.

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Tesla’s strong Q2 deliveries prove ‘worst is in the rear view mirror:’ Wedbush
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