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Elon Musk reveals Tesla’s HW5 release date, and that it won’t be called HW5

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Elon Musk revealed new details regarding Tesla’s next-generation self-driving computer, which many expected to be called Hardware 5 (HW5).

However, Musk said it would not be called HW5; instead, it will be referred to as AI5.

Musk also revealed that it will be available in vehicles in the second half of 2025.

Coming off of the first fifteen-or-so months with HW4, Tesla’s current self-driving computer, the automaker is looking to launch even more improvements into its efforts to solve its Full Self-Driving suite.

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It will be the most robust version of its hardware yet, as AI 5 will consume roughly four times the energy that HW3 and HW4 did. It will take an effort that is much more robust than previously.

This all started with the massive fans that have been seen at the Gigafactory Texas site, which Musk confirmed would use “~130MW of power & cooling this year, but will increase to >500MW over next 18 months or so.”

He also said he hopes to use 50 percent Tesla AI hardware, with the other half being comprised of NVIDIA and other manufacturers. The Tesla hardware will be “mostly HW4, some Dojo,” Musk said.

However, Musk plans to roll out AI5 into the mix sometime during the latter half of 2025. This begs the question: What will that be used for?

With the Robotaxi unveiling event set for August 8, we can assume that Tesla will release a rather aggressive timeline for the rollout of the actual product. Given that the Robotaxi unveiling is in the latter half of this year, the new AI5 could be used for the Robotaxi fleet in particular.

Musk even said that AI5 has around ten times the capability of HW4:

More details on AI5 will likely be released at the Robotaxi event in August.

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Elon Musk reveals Tesla’s HW5 release date, and that it won’t be called HW5
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