Tesla Model Y built in Germany spotted with Hardware 4

Credit: @selcukjk on X

Tesla Model Y units at the company’s Gigafactory Berlin in Germany were seen today equipped with Hardware 4, the company’s newest and most robust self-driving computer.

Hardware 4 was first seen last year and revealed Tesla would equip future vehicles with more cameras and potentially radar systems, among other things.

It is the newest and most complete self-driving computer Tesla has rolled out. HW4 is capable of processing more data in an effort to make a more accurate and stronger self-driving car as Tesla still attempts to figure out its Full Self-Driving suite.

Having higher-resolution images of the vehicle’s surroundings was the main driver in the improvements from HW3 to HW4. HW4 cameras were capable of resolutions of 5 megapixels, a drastic improvement from the 1.2 previous ones offered.

Tesla’s new self-driving computer (HW4): more cameras, radar, and more

The first vehicles to have HW4 introduced on them were Model X Plaid cars. However, we saw HW4 equipped in some Model Y vehicles coming from the Fremont Factory in California. It seemed reasonable that U.S. vehicles would have HW4 because of Tesla’s FSD suite being widely used in the market.

Now, it appears Tesla might be getting ready to put HW4 in Model Y vehicles outside of the U.S. market.

In January, Tesla China announced the Model Y would receive HW4 in a series of advertisements posted on Weibo, the country’s most relevant social media platform.

We have not heard much about FSD for the European market, but it appears Model Y vehicles built at Gigafactory Berlin are also being equipped with HW4, based on new images and video shared by users on X:

Tesla had previously posted some ADAS-related jobs in Europe, and the descriptions indicated they would be “responsible to identify [sic] improvements and regressions across software iterations.”

Two Tesla vehicles were also spotted by Teslascope operating with FSD in the region.

However, the suite has not been officially launched. The sighting of HW4 vehicles from Giga Berlin is something worth paying attention to in that regard.

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Tesla Model Y built in Germany spotted with Hardware 4
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