Elon Musk polls fans for Tesla pickup truck features wish list

Elon Musk recently conducted a brief brainstorming session with his followers on Twitter, discussing possible features of the upcoming Tesla pickup truck, or Tesla Truck, as the CEO referred to the vehicle. As noted by Musk, the yet-to-be-released pickup truck would feature small, “important nuances” that would be “next level.”

Tesla’s pickup truck is expected to be the company’s next consumer vehicle after the production rollout of the Model Y crossover SUV. During the unveiling of the Tesla Semi and the next-generation Tesla Roadster last November, Musk noted that the Tesla pickup truck would essentially be a smaller version of the all-electric long-hauler that could be driven with a standard driver’s license. A teaser image of the Tesla Truck was unveiled then, depicting a massive vehicle that could literally haul another pickup truck on its bed.

The Tesla Truck would most definitely be used for hauling and transporting heavy items. During Tuesday’s Twitter brainstorming session, Musk stated that the Tesla Truck would have dual-motor all-wheel drive with “crazy torque,” which would give the vehicle massive pulling power. Seemingly echoing the suggestions of some of his Twitter followers, Musk further noted that the Tesla Truck’s suspension would be capable of dynamically adjusting depending on the vehicle’s load. These features will be standard for the pickup truck.

This is not all, however, as the vehicle’s will also feature a neat trick to make loading and unloading items, as well as getting into the vehicle, a lot easier.

Considering that the Tesla Truck would be based on the Tesla Semi, the vehicle will undoubtedly be massive, making parking a tricky affair. To address this, Musk noted in a follow-up tweet that the Tesla Truck would have the capability to parallel park automatically. The upcoming vehicle will also feature 360-degree cameras and sonar, which would help the vehicle park itself better. Musk didn’t mention the feature by name, but these appear to be a direct reference to Autopilot systems on the all-electric truck.

Musk also responded well to a suggestion from one of his followers about having the electric vehicle’s rear wheels be capable of turning. With four-wheel steering, Tesla’s electric truck would be able to boast great maneuverability despite its large size. American carmakers such as GM adopted four-wheel steering features for vehicles like the GMC Sierra in the past, and it was received very well, considering that the system, officially called Quadrasteer, enabled large vehicles to conduct tricky maneuvers, such as backing a boat into a boat ramp. Inasmuch as the feature was appreciated and popular, however, GM opted to retire Quadrasteer a few years after. 

In a statement on Twitter last December, Musk noted that he was “dying to build” the Tesla pickup truck, considering that he has the core engineering design elements for the vehicle in his mind for five years now. Tesla anticipates to start building the Tesla Truck after the Model Y, which is expected to be unveiled sometime in early 2019. With this, an unveiling of the Tesla Truck sometime in 2020 would be entirely plausible.

Elon Musk polls fans for Tesla pickup truck features wish list
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