Tesla’s Elon Musk thanks Brandenburg Minister for supporting Giga Berlin

Recently, Elon Musk thanked Jörg Steinbach—the Minister of Economy, Labor, and Energy for the state of Brandenburg in Germany—for supporting Tesla’s Gigafactory Berlin. Musk visited Giga Berlin’s construction site over the weekend to check up on its progress.

Steinbach tweeted about his informal “catch-up” with Elon Musk at Giga Berlin earlier in the day. He seemed to be in a pleasant mood after the meeting Musk, noting the progress Giga Berlin’s construction has made over that last few months.

“Great progress so far! Thank you for the support from Brandenburg,” Musk commented on Steinbach’s tweet. The Tesla CEO also showed his appreciation for the authorities handling Giga Berlin’s permits. “I would also like to express appreciation for the permit authorities, as I know this is a large and complex project. When all the finishing touches are done, I hope [Giga Berlin] will be considered a jewel in Brandenburg.”

Giga Berlin was initially scheduled to start production this summer, but its final permit has not been approved yet. Many reports have surfaced over the past few weeks alleging that Giga Berlin’s production would be delayed six months due to supply constraints relating to battery pack output. However, Steinbach told Teslarati that he believes Giga Berlin production could start by late-summer or early autumn.

Elon Musk seems eager to start producing the Model Y at Giga Berlin. He previously asked Giga Berlin suppliers to accelerate, hinting that Steinbach’s estimates could be accurate. Musk shared that Tesla was aiming for “extreme precision with the next Model Y.”

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Tesla’s Elon Musk thanks Brandenburg Minister for supporting Giga Berlin
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