The Boring Company’s Las Vegas tunnel project enters full construction phase

The Boring Company’s transport tunnel for the Las Vegas Convention Center has entered its full construction phase, with images of the dig site showing heavy equipment working on what appears to be a passenger station at the end of a transport tunnel. Apart from this, images taken over the past week also reveal that a tunnel boring machine (TBM) has been set up on the Elon Musk-founded startup’s dig site. 

A source familiar with the matter has informed Teslarati that the tunnel boring machine was transported to the Las Vegas location in segments, where it was assembled as of early October. The TBM reportedly remained in this state, at least until October 17, when the image below was captured. 

The Boring Company’s tunnel boring machine at the Las Vegas dig site.

What is seeing a lot of activity is the location of a passenger station that will mark the end of the Boring Company’s high-speed transport tunnels. Based on images and a livestream of the work being conducted on the area, cranes and other heavy equipment have been deployed to the dig site, and digging is well underway for the station. 

Unlike the transport tunnel concept showcased by The Boring Company in its launch party last December, the passenger stations of the Las Vegas Convention Center loop will reportedly be situated above ground. This means that there will be no elevators transporting the Boring Company’s vehicles up and down as they ferry passengers back and forth through the tunnels. Such a design is expected to make the Las Vegas loop a lot more efficient to build. 

While The Boring Company’s TBM was reportedly assembled well before it was used, Teslarati was informed that the project continues to progress at a fair rate. With the LVCC loop’s current schedule, the source has stated that the TBM will potentially see daylight again sometime in January, provided that there are no hold-ups at the building department. 

This should provide The Boring Company ample time to refine and adjust its transport system once the tunnels are in place, especially considering that the LVCC loop is intended to be operational in time for the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2021. The Las Vegas Convention Center, after all, hosts about a million visitors a year, which should provide the LVCC loop with enough passengers during large events. 

One thing that remains to be seen is an announcement about which tunnel boring machine was deployed by The Boring Company to its Las Vegas dig site. So far, the tunneling startup has completed a test tunnel at Hawthorne using Godot, a conventional TBM, though Elon Musk has spoken of Line-Storm, a faster, hybrid boring machine that is being prepared for deployment. Was the TBM deployed at the LVCC loop site Line-Storm? One can only wait for a confirmation from The Boring Company to find out.

The Boring Company’s Las Vegas tunnel project enters full construction phase
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