The Boring Company’s cost advantage highlighted by Miami mayor after talk with Elon Musk

(Credit: The Boring Company)

The Mayor of the City of Miami Francis Suarez shared details about his recent talk with Elon Musk and a potential Boring Company tunneling project in the Magic City in a short video posted on Twitter. Suarez specifically highlighted the cost advantages The Boring Company (TBC) would bring to the table if Miami were to approve such a project. 

“The order of magnitude in terms of savings is significant. We talked a lot about the Brickell Tunnel project, which was priced out at $1 billion, and he (Elon Musk) feels can be done much closer to $30 million,” he said.

The price quoted by Suarez is similar to the one noted by Fort Lauderdale mayor Den J. Trantalis a week or so ago. In the last week of January, Mayor Trantalis talked with The Boring Company about a tunneling project in New River. TBC had estimated that a tunneling project in downtown Fort Lauderdale would cost between $30 to $60 million. 

Musk estimated that the TBC tunneling project in the City of Miami would take roughly six months to complete. The Brickell Tunnel Project Suarez mentioned in his video was supported by former Mayor Maurice Ferré more than 40 years ago, reported the Miami Herald.

Local Miami news articles dating as far back as 2017 reveal that Suarez has been supportive of a Brickell tunnel to relieve congestion in that part of the city since before he became mayor. TBC may be a a good opportunity to make the Brickell tunnel concept a reality.

“I think we have a unique opportunity to create a signature project, not just for Miami, but for the world that will bring people from across the world to see this solution,” he noted in his video.

Suarez stated that he would be discussing the potential Boring Company tunnel, which will be located under Brickell Avenue Bridge, with Governor Ron DeSantis and Miami-Date Mayor Daniella Levine Cava. He plans to visit TBC’s tunneling projects in Las Vegas as well.

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The Boring Company’s cost advantage highlighted by Miami mayor after talk with Elon Musk
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