EVgo and GM partner to offer an incredibly streamlined EV charging experience

On Monday, EVgo and General Motors (GM) announced that all GM EVs with DC fast-charging capability can now use Plug and Charge on the EVgo network.

Utilizing Plug and Charge, EVgo GM users may begin a fast-charging session without having to launch a smartphone app or swipe a credit card or RFID. To access the new service, customers must have an EVgo account, active OnStar connected services, and the GM brand app (myChevrolet, myGMC, and myCadillac) linked to their vehicle.

GM’s Plug and Charge service uses the latest version of EVgo’s Autocharge technology, which enables registered customers to start a fast-charging session in a snap. By streamlining the user experience, the Autocharge technology expands on EVgo’s reputation as a leader in EV charging innovation.

Ivo Steklac, Chief Technology Officer at EVgo, believes the most recent version of the Autocharge technology is fundamentally a customer convenience. “At its core, this latest iteration of the Autocharge technology is a customer convenience feature that can save drivers time by simplifying the fast-charging experience while maintaining a high level of security and protection,” he said. “In collaboration with GM, EVgo continues implementing new technology across multiple hardware and software platforms to enhance the charging experience.”

All GM EVs customers will have access to the DC fast-charging capability at EVgo stations. The customers can also access simple, fast charging on the EVgo network after completing a single enrollment process. The charger and the car will communicate to properly match the vehicle to the driver’s EVgo and GM brand app account.

To sign up, GM consumers must register their car in the myChevrolet, myGMC, and myCadillac brand app, link their EVgo account, and turn on Plug and Charge inside the app.

Hoss Hassani, GM vice president of EV Ecosystem, wants to provide everyone with an easy and convenient EV experience. “We want to be the company that makes the EV experience seamless and convenient for everyone, he said. “Our collaboration with EVgo on Plug and Charge complements the work already in place with Ultium Charge 360 and is a part of our greater effort this year to expand charging infrastructure, access, and education.”

GM’s Electric Vehicle Development

Despite a tough Q4 where GM only delivered 26 EVs, the company owned 7.6 percent of the global electric vehicle market share in 2021. CEO Mary Barra has pushed for GM to continue surging forward in its pursuit of industry leader Tesla, who she believes will eventually fall behind GM. Barra said in May she planned to get GM to a point where it could offer affordable electric vehicles at prices thousands less than competitors. The Chevy Bolt’s EV and EUV options for 2022 came in at prices under $30,000, an encouraging development in GM’s press forward.

Chevy Bolt EV and EUV see dramatic price cuts amidst surging EV prices

The company has set aside $35 billion in capital for its EV transition and has plans to bring several new exciting models to the market over the next few years, including the Chevrolet Silverado EV. “We’ve really worked to listen and understand what the customer is looking for,” Barra said in an interview with Yahoo! Finance earlier this year.

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EVgo and GM partner to offer an incredibly streamlined EV charging experience
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