General Motors & partners open first 17 locations of their national EV fast-charging network

(Credit: General Motors)

General Motors, EVgo Inc., and Pilot Travel Centers LLC announced the opening of the first 17 locations of their national electric vehicle (EV) fast charging network in the United States. Customers may find available charging locations through GM’s vehicle brand apps, Pilot’s myRewards Plus app, and the EVgo app. By spring 2024, GM and Pilot aim to introduce exclusive benefits to General Motors drivers, like the ability to reserve charges and get discounts on charging. 

“As GM continues to advance its vision of an all-electric future, we’re collaborating broadly to accelerate access to convenient charging at home and on the go, offering additional confidence to prospective single vehicle customers considering an EV,” said Wade Sheffer, vice president of GM Energy. “This new network will provide EV drivers with a quality charging experience and greater peace of mind during road trips.”

GM and its partner’s EV charging network is available in 13 states. Many stations offer 24/7 amenities, products, and services listed below. 

  • Multiple fast charging stalls at each site, with chargers capable of delivering up to 350kW.
  • Canopies to help protect drivers from the elements during charging.
  • Pull-through charging stalls to accommodate EV towing.
  • Centrally located chargers in well-lit areas, monitored around the clock by onsite staff.
  • Access to restrooms, food and beverage options, and free Wi-Fi.
  • Plug and Charge compatibility for a streamlined charging experience.

EV drivers visiting the network can access the same amenities as those found at existing Pilot and Flying J travel centers nationwide. Pilot and Fly J travel centers offer food and beverages from menus including Subway, KFC, Taco Bell, and Dairy Queen. The center also has its own brand of food and drinks. 

“EV drivers are eager for a better charging experience and to have more charging locations along America’s most traveled corridors. These new charging locations and the many more to come will be critical for improving range confidence,” said Adam Wright, Pilot Travel Centers LLC’s chief executive officer. “As interest in EVs continues to grow, we believe our network can be a catalyst to getting more EV drivers on the road.”

GM, EVgo, and Pilot aim to make charging easier and more accessible through the new fast charging network. The companies aim to open at least 25 new locations with 100 fast-charging stalls by the end of 2023. In 2024, the partners plan to double the locations in its fast-charging network to approximately 200 stations. 

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General Motors & partners open first 17 locations of their national EV fast-charging network
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