Final Tesla Model 3 “Part 3” event could be held on June 2 or soon after

Matte Black Tesla Model 3 Front

Details about Tesla’s highly anticipated final event for the Model 3 have been sparse, but new information revealed through Tesla’s “Project Loveday” contest suggests that a “Part 3” event for the mass market electric car could take place on Friday, June 2 or soon after.

According to terms and conditions outlined for Tesla’s newest contest to select the best fan-made commercial, the Grand Prize Winner “will be invited to and introduced at a future Tesla product launch event”. But more importantly, Tesla reveals that the the grand prize “must be claimed by June 2, 2017″, leaving speculation that the Model 3 event could take place that Friday.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed during the most recent company earnings call – in response to an analyst question about when the public may see the Model 3 Design Studio come online – that first deliveries of a “Founders Series” Model 3 will go to employees, and an online configurator was “probably three to four months away”. This puts a launch date sometime in June. It’s likely that Musk will announce the opening of the Model 3 Design Studio the day of the Model 3 “Part 3” event which is presumably the upcoming “Tesla product launch event”.

Tesla has had a long history for throwing spectacular launch events. The unveiling of Tesla Autopilot and the dual-motor configuration drew massive fanfare, both at the “D event” that took place at Tesla’s Hawthorne, Calif. Design Studio, and across social media. Musk is also known to celebrate equally with staff by throwing employee appreciation parties, most recently at a soccer stadium near the company’s Silicon Valley headquarters.

Tesla is expected to begin Model 3 production in July. The company expects to produce 1,000 vehicles per week beginning in July before ramping up to 5,000 Model 3 vehicles produced per week during the fourth quarter.

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