Ford to invest $4.7B to improve manufacturing plants & add 6,200 UAW employees to workforce

(Credit: Ford)

Ford plans to invest $3.7 billion to add over 6,200 union jobs to its manufacturing plants in Michigan, Ohio, and Missouri. The legacy OEM also plans to invest another $1 billion in the next five years to improve the workplace environment in its factories based in the United States. 

Besides adding 6,200 permanent Union Auto Workers (UAW) employees, Ford also expects its $3.7 billion investment to indirectly generate an estimated 74,000 new jobs in the U.S. by the end of 2026. The traditional automaker plans to convert 3,000 temporary employees into permanent full-time workers with immediate health benefits on the first day of employment. 

“Ford is America’s Number 1 employer of hourly autoworkers, and this investment only deepens our commitment to building great new vehicles – from an all-new Mustang to new EVs – right here in the U.S. in partnership with the UAW,” said Bill Ford, executive chair of Ford. “I am proud that we are investing in the Midwest and taking real action to provide better benefits and working conditions for our workers on the plant floor.”

Ford’s $3.7 billion investment is broken down by factory below. 

  • Michigan: Ford plans to invest $2 billion in Michigan, generating 3,200 union jobs. The investment will create nearly 2,000 jobs throughout three assembly plants in Michigan. The new assembly plant jobs will increase production of the all-new F-150 Lightning electric truck to 150,000 per year at Rouge Electric Vehicle Center in Dearborn, produce an all-new Ranger pickup at Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne and an all-new Mustang coupe at Flat Rock Assembly Plant. The billion-dollar investment includes $35 million to build an all-new Ford Customer Service Division packaging facility in Monroe that will create more than 600 union jobs. The Ford Customer Service Division is expected to start operations by 2024 to help accelerate parts shipments for Ford customers.
  • Ohio: Ford plans to invest $1.5 billion in Ohio, creating 1,800 union jobs at Ohio Assembly Plant. It plans to generate an additional 90 jobs with $100 million investments between Lima Engine and Sharonville Transmission plants.
  • Missouri: In Missouri, Ford plans to make a $95 million investment. The investment will generate 1,100 union jobs for a third shift at Kansas City Assembly Plant. More workers would increase the production of the Transit and the all-new E-Transit electric van.

The automaker and the UAW supported Bill Ford’s words by announcing new vehicles, plant investments, and workplace improvements before formally agreeing on a new union contract. The current UAW contract expires in 2023. 

“This announcement is a testament to UAW members who contribute their skill, experience and knowledge to the success of Ford Motor Company,” said UAW President Ray Curry. “We are always advocating to employers and legislators that union jobs are worth the investment. Ford stepped up to the plate by adding these jobs and converting 3,000 UAW members to permanent, full-time status with benefits.”

Besides the $3.7 billion investment, Ford plans to invest another $1 billion to improve the employee facilities in its manufacturing plants. The $1B investment will give employees access to healthier foods, install EV chargers in the parking lots, add more lighting in the parking area, and make other changes. Ford stated that each plant would have different improvements. 

Ford aims to produce 2 million electric vehicles per year globally by 2026 through its Ford Model e trademark—a separate operation dedicated to EV production. Ford Blue is dedicated to the company’s internal combustion engine businesses. Besides its investment announcements, Ford also confirmed the launch of an all-new electric commercial vehicle for Ford Pro customers in Ohio. The Ford Pro electric commercial vehicle is expected to debut “mid-decade.”

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Ford to invest $4.7B to improve manufacturing plants & add 6,200 UAW employees to workforce
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