Ford reveals CEO Jim Farley’s latest pay raise

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A recent filing has revealed Ford CEO Jim Farley’s latest pay increase, with his total compensation increasing by as much as 26 percent in 2023.

In proxy statement filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) last week, Ford revealed that CEO Jim Farley’s total compensation in 2023 was nearly $26.5 million, up substantially from under $21 million in 2022.

Although Farley’s salary was only around $1.7 million last year, he also received stock awards amounting to $20.3 million, a non-equity incentive plan compensation of almost $2.4 million, and another roughly-$2 million dubbed “all other compensation” in the document.

You can see a summary table of compensation for Ford’s executives below, as included in the proxy statement.

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The news also comes after Ford, General Motors (GM) and Stellantis also faced historic six-week strikes from the United Automotive Workers (UAW) union in 2023. UAW President Shawn Fain made a statement following the release of the Friday filing, pointing to Farley’s recent statements about potentially having to re-consider where Ford would build vehicles due to increasing union pressure.

“Just a few weeks ago Farley was crying to the press about how the UAW’s record contracts were forcing the company to rethink where they build their vehicles, but now they have no problem finding the money to give him a 26 percent pay raise to $26.5 million a year,” Fain said (via Automotive News).

“Let’s be clear: this is corporate greed, plain and simple.”

By comparison, multinational automaker and Dodge-Chrysler parent company Stellantis paid a total compensation of 36.5 million euros ($39.5 million) to CEO Carlos Tavares in 2023, up more than 55 percent. While GM hasn’t yet released its 2023 total compensation numbers for CEO Mary Barra, she had the highest total compensation of the “Big Three” in 2022, earning around $28.98 million.

The news also comes after Ford announced plans to cut the F-150 Lightning production workforce by roughly two-thirds, as the automaker pivots toward a mass-market, affordable electric vehicle (EV). Ford EVs also gained access to the vast Tesla Supercharger network in North America this month, significantly increasing the number of charging stations available to owners.

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Ford reveals CEO Jim Farley’s latest pay raise
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