Ford CEO Jim Farley says he and Elon Musk have a ‘mutual respect’

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Ford’s CEO has said that he thinks he and Tesla CEO Elon Musk have a “mutual respect” for each other, with the legacy automaker head even saying he recently texted Musk.

On Monday, in an interview with Yahoo Finance Executive Editor Brian Sozzi, Ford CEO Jim Farley said he and Musk have a mutual respect, adding that he’s also awaiting some electric vehicle (EV) NACS adapters from Tesla and recently texted the fellow CEO about it. When asked how the NACS and Supercharger partnership was going thus far, Farley also had good things to say.

“It’s going well. So far, we really appreciate working with Tesla, between the number one and number two players in the country,” Farley said in the interview. “We think giving our customers access to the Supercharger network is a good thing, but it’s early days. We still need 90,000 adapters.”

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Sozzi responded with a laugh, half-jokingly asking if Farley thought he would get them eventually.

“I’m hoping. I texted Elon last night, we’ll see what he says,” Farley laughs back.

When asked what the relationship with Musk was like, Farley mostly focused on Musk’s Model 3 and Model Y ramps as important, comparing them with Ford founder Henry Ford.

“I think there’s a mutual respect,” Farley responded.

“I think when Elon started scaling Model Y and Model 3, he very much followed the Henry Ford model with the Model T, increasing his utilization of his plant and bringing the cost down for customers as he went mainstream with EVs. I think it’s been a largely positive relationship.”

When asked if Musk texts him right back, Farley affirmed, adding that the Tesla head was very responsive, likely because the two CEOs respect each other.

“He is really an incredible person, like he absolutely does. He very much made this decision based on the adoption of EVs in the country, and of course, it’s good for him.”

Ford was the first automaker to officially adopt Tesla’s NACS adapter last year, with the EV giant opening its Supercharger network to Ford’s vehicles as part of the agreement. The rest of the industry followed, and Ford also became the first automaker to gain access to the Supercharger network in late February.

You can watch the full interview with Ford CEO Jim Farley and Yahoo Finance‘s Brian Sozzi below.

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Ford CEO Jim Farley says he and Elon Musk have a ‘mutual respect’
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