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Ford’s second EV pickup will be designed and developed from scratch

Ford electric pickup concept design. (Credit: Glen George)

After making a major impact on the electric pickup market in the United States with the F-150 Lightning, Ford is rumored to be developing its second EV truck model, which will be separate from its introductory offering.

According to Automotive News, Ford may be working to introduce another electric truck with an all-new nameplate, meaning that it would likely not be an electric variant of a pre-existing model. For a brand that already offers a wide array of pickup offerings, this may be a strange concept, but with the success of the Ford F-150 generally, it is understandable that the brand would want to capitalize on consumer pickup demand.

In a comment to Automotive News, Ford CEO Jim Farley stated that Ford was working on an all-new vehicle, “It’s another truck,” he said. Furthermore, Farley noted that this new truck would help the brand “be the leader in electric pickup trucks.” The truck would supposedly be released in 2025, just after an electric Ford Explorer is released in 2024.

No details are known about this upcoming truck, but it is clear why the brand is motivated to introduce more electric truck offerings. Ford’s F-150 Lightning has defined the electric truck industry as it is currently the only electric truck you can buy for under $50,000 that is also mass manufactured. Ford already plans to produce 80,000 units next year alone.

The real question is how the truck would fit into the Ford product line. Ford’s dreadnaught F-150 already commands the full-size truck market, the Ford Ranger competes in the mid-size truck market, the new Ford Maverick is one of the very few compact trucks on the market, the Ford F-250 competes in the extra-large pickup class, and the Ford F-150 Raptor and Raptor R compete in the high-performance market. This leaves little space for a new pickup truck model, but perhaps this could mean the end of another ford nameplate.

Of the models listed above, the Ford Ranger has performed less competitively than the others. The mid-size market is still very much controlled by Toyota’s Tacoma model. Still, perhaps a new electric mid-size could be introduced to take the fight to the Japanese brand that has fallen behind on electrification.

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Ford’s second EV pickup will be designed and developed from scratch
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