Next Ford EV could look a lot like a current gas model

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Ford Vice President of EV programs Darren Palmer, has stated that the brand’s next EV is an “Explorer-type vehicle.”

According to comments given to Carsguide, Ford’s next EV will look a lot like the Ford Explorer, according to VP Darren Palmer. This will likely fill the three-row-SUV-sized hole in the Ford EV lineup. But how will it differentiate itself? And when will it be available to consumers?

Ford’s EV lineup is a shining star on its monthly sales sheet. The company has yet to have a month of decreasing EV sales volume; last month alone grew EV sales by nearly 200%. Yet the lineup is far from extensive. Ford currently sells the F150 Lightning and the Mustang Mach-E, meaning that customers looking for a three-row SUV or anything smaller than two current offerings will have to look elsewhere.

Ford is attempting to fix this issue by introducing a new EV model similar to the current gas-powered Explorer. “The next vehicle we’re doing is an Explorer-type vehicle, and we’re working on making that insanely great,” Palmer said to Carsguide. The Explorer has served Ford well since its inception and is now the brand’s longest-lasting nameplate. Consumers enjoy its flexibility as a large family hauler without being as big as the Ford Expedition, which can be intimidating to many drivers.

The executive didn’t provide details on when this next vehicle would be available.

The other vehicle in the works is another electric truck. And while some have hypothesized that the blue oval is bringing the in-demand Ford Maverick with an electric drivetrain, others contend it is another full-sized truck offering. Ford CEO Jim Farley made it very clear a few months ago that the electric truck offering would not just be an upgrade to the F150 Lighting but a new nameplate entirely.

Ford has succeeded with its electric offerings, making them America’s second-largest EV manufacturer for months. But this title is now under threat as Hyundai/Kia, General Motors, and Stellantis brands are all moving into the EV market with renewed vigor. These upcoming models will likely define the brand’s success or failure in the coming years.

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Next Ford EV could look a lot like a current gas model
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