Ford Pro E-Telematics subscription rolls out for commercial electric vehicles

(Credit: Ford Pro)

Ford Pro rolled out a subscription service for its commercial vehicles. The legacy automaker’s new subscription service is the Ford Pro E-Telematics for commercial electric vehicles.

Ford offers Telematics for commercial vehicles and E-Telematics for commercial EVs. The Telemtacs and E-Telematics subscription enables fleet owners to monitor their cars and drivers. With the software, fleet owners can keep track of EV range or fuel consumption. The software will also enable fleet managers to monitor vehicles and driver habits with live GPS, telematics with Dashcam, and more. The Ford Pro E-Telematics and Telematics software can help fleet managers maintain and service their vehicles. 

The automaker provides two subscription packages. The basic Telematics Essentials is complimentary for the life of the vehicle. It offers Ford Pro commercial vehicles with a user-friendly dashboard, vehicle health insights, dealer scheduling, and maintenance and service tracking. 

Ford Pro E-Telematics and Telematics also has a second package with additional features for $27 monthly per vehicle. The second package has everything the Essentials package offers, plus the features listed below. 

  • GPS Fleet Tracking and Geofencing
  • Fuel Efficiency Analysis
  • Ford Pro Telematics Drive App
  • Location and Trip History
  • Non-Ford Vehicle Support
  • In-Vehicle Coaching
  • Vehicle Security

Alain Fiset uses the Ford Pro E-Telematics software for Smart Energy for Five Electrique, an electrical contractor near Quebec City. Fiset uses E-Telematics to maintain and monitor his zero-emissions fleet, which includes a few E-Transit vans, an F-150 Lightning, and a Mustang Mach-E. 

“Using Ford Pro E-Telematics, we’re able to track our range and efficiency at any moment, and even in the winter, our E-Transit vans have plenty of capability to meet our needs.

“We put about 25,000 kilometers on our vans each year, or about 100 kilometers a day on average. For the work we do every day, the Ford E-Transit is a perfect mix of capability and efficiency,” said Fiset.

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Ford Pro E-Telematics subscription rolls out for commercial electric vehicles
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