Honda Prologue

Honda Prologue unveiled, Honda’s first American EV offering

Credit: Honda

Honda has unveiled the design of the upcoming Honda Prologue, their future EV SUV offering coming in 2024.

While Honda has already released their first electric vehicles in other markets with the Honda E hatchback, Honda has yet to introduce anything electrified since the Honda Clarity to North America. The Honda Prologue will be their first EV in the US and will be available in 2024.

While some consumers may be disappointed to hear that Honda’s first EV offering in the US will be coming so late to the EV market, it is, at the very least, comforting to see what the upcoming vehicle will look like inside and out.

In the pictures released by Honda today, the brand shows that the Honda Prologue follows more of the design choices from the Honda HRV instead of the more traditional CRV and Passport. Still, more elements are taken from the Honda E hatchback inspiration; the wide Honda nameplate on the back, the modern black and white styling inside and out, and the reasonably flat front grill all come to mind.

Contrary to what the press release would like you to believe, the design is far from exciting or groundbreaking. Honda chose the conservative design choice, clearly influenced by their work with General Motors on the joint platform. The Prologue looks similar to GM’s own Chevy Equinox EV, but consumers may be willing to ignore the conservative styling if it comes at the right price.

Honda did not release any more specifications about the vehicle nor any pricing information, which is fair enough considering the SUV is still more than a year away from seeing American roadways. But this fact is the one perturbing consumers today. Many shared their views online, believing that Honda’s first EV product is coming too late. Especially considering the brand has seen continuously falling sales over the past couple of months.

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Honda Prologue unveiled, Honda’s first American EV offering
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