Hyundai Europe teams up with Amazon to meet customer demands

(Credit: Hyundai)

Hyundai Motor Europe teamed up with Amazon to meet customer demands. The South Korean automaker recently launched its first Brand Space on Amazon in Germany in April 2024. 

“We are pleased to be extending our strategic partnership with Hyundai into Europe. We believe the new digital hub will provide an innovative way to introduce prospective customers to the Hyundai brand through a shopping experience they are already accustomed to, all while continuing to support local dealers,” noted Nils Gräf, the Managing Director of Amazon Ads in Germany.

Hyundai’s Brand Space offers customers a unique opportunity to engage with the automakers in a digital environment. 

“Our collaboration with Amazon represents Hyundai’s strong commitment to meet customers’ demands on a channel they are already familiar with. By leveraging Amazon’s reach and the trust consumers have in the store, we are bringing Hyundai directly to customers’ fingertips, offering them the possibility to learn about our brand and vision and be guided to our local websites for more product details,” said Andreas-Christoph Hofmann, Hyundai Motor Europe’s Vice President of Marketing, Product & PR.

Hyundai will display ads on Amazon to direct customers to its Brand Space. Through Hyundai’s Brand Space, customers can learn more about the company and explore its product lineup. Customers may also schedule a test drive at local dealerships or play with a digital car configurator in the Brand Space. 

Amazon and Hyundai have teamed up before. In November 2023, Amazon and Hyundai announced a collaboration on vehicle sales and in-car features. The partnership centered on three main pieces. However, the most significant piece might be that the deal allowed auto dealers to sell Hyundai vehicles through Amazon stores. 

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Hyundai Europe teams up with Amazon to meet customer demands
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