Inside look at Resorts World TBC Loop passenger station.

Going Inside The Boring Co tunnel at Resorts World Las Vegas

Credit: Ellie In Space

Here is an inside look at the Resorts World passenger station for The Boring Company’s (TBC) Las Vegas Loop provided by Ellie In Space.

Although the Loop itself was closed, the passenger station was accessible and she was able to get inside.

Ellie tried to coordinate an interview about the new opening and although that didn’t happen, she was able to provide an inside look at the station for her YouTube channel.

Inside the station, you can see a display of a concrete tunnel segment.

Ellie’s Thoughts On Being Inside TBC Vegas Loop Resorts World passenger station

I reached out to Ellie on Twitter and asked her to share her thoughts about being inside the new station. Although it was empty at the time, it was still exciting for her.

“I felt really excited about the future even walking through the empty station. I would love to see a Boring Company Tunnel system in every major metropolitan. The time it saves is absolutely mind-blowing. It is also a foreshadowing of a Mars transit system!”

The LVCC Loop Could Go To Different Parts of the Las Vegas Valley

Today, the Las Vegas Weekly reported that the Vegas Loop could go to different parts of the Las Vegas Valley. The article noted that since the Convention Center Loop opened in June 2021, it has transported thousands of passengers through the tunnels in Tesla vehicles.

The Resorts World station is only open on days when there are conventions across the street, according to Resorts World President, Scott Sibella. Sibella also noted that operation hours could expand.

Other parts of the Las Vegas Valley where TBC tunnels could transport passengers include at least five Vegas Loop stations, connections to the Medical District, Area 15, and even as far as Ward 2.

These areas are what city council members expressed interest in. The city is already planning on more than five Vegas Loop stations and over five miles of the tunnel within its jurisdiction.

Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) president and CEO, Steve Hill, noted that the permits to complete the loop between the Convention Center and Resorts World have been submitted.

In her video, Ellie pointed out the sign for the Convention Center station and noted that it was closed. Other permits to dig TBC has secured include Westage and Encore. And there’s an application to connect Alligian Stadium and the Tropicana hotel.

Going Inside The Boring Co tunnel at Resorts World Las Vegas
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